Managing Demand

Supply chains had been under a lot of pressure.  Since year 2020, supply chain managers had to deal with shortages in merchandise and rising costs for reasons traced to the coronavirus pandemic, natural disasters, deteriorating trade relations between countries, and military conflicts.     The need for supply chain engineering was mentioned repeatedly as a newContinue reading “Managing Demand”

What Should We Do When There’s Clamour?

In November 2022, this happened: One month earlier, in Manila, Philippines (and similarly in other places around the world), this also happened:  And from mid-year 2022 to April 2023, as demand for travel spiked after many countries lifted three (3) years of coronavirus pandemic restrictions:  When demand for products & services and enterprises are unableContinue reading “What Should We Do When There’s Clamour?”

Weather Forecasting vs. Demand Forecasting: A Case of Different Expectations

Meteorologists predict what the weather will be like, whether it be tomorrow or the next few hours.  Demand forecasters predict what customers will buy and how much, whether it be next week, next month or next year.  When a weather forecast is wrong, we don’t hold the meteorologist accountable.  We may grumble about the inconvenienceContinue reading “Weather Forecasting vs. Demand Forecasting: A Case of Different Expectations”