Weather Forecasting vs. Demand Forecasting: A Case of Different Expectations

Meteorologists predict what the weather will be like, whether it be tomorrow or the next few hours.  Demand forecasters predict what customers will buy and how much, whether it be next week, next month or next year.  When a weather forecast is wrong, we don’t hold the meteorologist accountable.  We may grumble about the inconvenienceContinue reading “Weather Forecasting vs. Demand Forecasting: A Case of Different Expectations”

The Four (4) Priorities of Business

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is the largest business enterprise in the Philippines and is among the top 2,000 global firms listed by Forbes magazine.  SMC’s gross revenue was PhP 384 billion ($USD 7.6 billion approximately) in 2018 earned from its diversified portfolio that includes food & beverage products, real estate properties, and infrastructure & energyContinue reading “The Four (4) Priorities of Business”