Burning Platforms and How to Prevent Them

A proprietor who sells electrical products was experiencing a dramatic drop in sales.  He hires a consultant who comes from a large multinational corporation and asks him what can be done.  The consultant suggests that the proprietor develop a vision, mission, objectives, and strategies (VMOS) for his business.  The consultant conducts a team-building session withContinue reading “Burning Platforms and How to Prevent Them”

How NOT to Manage a Crisis

My manager apologized for coming in late for the meeting.  She came from her home at Marikina but got stuck in traffic because she couldn’t use the LRT-2 commuter train.  The LRT-2 station nearest to her home has been closed since October when two (2) rectifier transformers tripped and caused a fire.  (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/four-4-starting-points-getting-reliability-you-want-ellery-samuel-lim/) The LightContinue reading “How NOT to Manage a Crisis”