Compliance is Not Service

Every year, banks notify us that we need to update our background information for the accounts we opened and deposit our money in.  They say it’s a rule of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP, the governing monetary authority of the Philippines, where I live & work.  All depositors must comply to enjoy theContinue reading “Compliance is Not Service”

Can’t Fight City Hall

Can’t fight city hall is an idiom for any futile effort against a large institution like government.  If you’re just one among millions of citizens who has a complaint about a government law or regulation, chances are you’d be unsuccessful, if not dismissed at the start.  Paying taxes and fees to the Philippine government isContinue reading “Can’t Fight City Hall”

How to Save Money When Renewing the Dreaded City Business Permit

Every time we enter a new year, many of us reflect on the past and make resolutions for the future.  When the first working day arrives, however, we face reality.  One of those realities is the dreaded city business permit renewal.  Town and city governments in the Philippines require enterprises to register before they canContinue reading “How to Save Money When Renewing the Dreaded City Business Permit”