The Convincing Need to Test Ourselves

We go to the doctor when we feel sick.  We hardly go see the doctor when we are healthy.  If we’re feeling all right, we think we’re okay; we don’t see the immediate need to get ourselves checked.  Health experts have repeatedly advised us to get ourselves examined at least once a year.  We’re supposedContinue reading “The Convincing Need to Test Ourselves”

Ergonomics Can Be Helpful, Really Helpful

When it comes to productivity improvement, the first thing many executives think of is head count, how many people are needed for the job.  The last thing many managers think of is the human factor, how to better improve the working conditions for the individual person.  Ergonomics (or human factors) is the scientific discipline concernedContinue reading “Ergonomics Can Be Helpful, Really Helpful”

No Pain, No Gain

I’ve been lifting weights for a long time.  It’s been an on and off activity but I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager.  Have I become a stronger person?  No. Do I have a bigger, more good-looking physique?  No.  I am fat and diabetic.  I’m have a body that is nowhere close toContinue reading “No Pain, No Gain”