Seizing Opportunity and Addressing Adversity via Supply Chain Engineering

We should not focus just on adversity.  We should also focus on opportunity.  We tend to point to adversity when there’s disruption.  But as much as there is adversity behind every disruption, there is also opportunity.            This should be common business sense but it can be difficult to accept when there’s a raging disruptionContinue reading “Seizing Opportunity and Addressing Adversity via Supply Chain Engineering”

Supply Chains are All About Flow

Supply chains are about flow:  the movement of product from one stage to the next, from a starting point—a source—to an endpoint—a user.            We call them product streams, demand flows, pipelines.  But supply chains are hardly these as streams and pipelines imply a single fluid in motion.  What flows in a supply chain isContinue reading “Supply Chains are All About Flow”

Regular Customers Are Our Geese That Lay Our Golden Eggs

My tenant asked that I don’t increase his rent this year and at the same time requested a month’s delay in paying it.  He’s been having problems with his business so if I would please consider.  At first, I didn’t like to agree.  Finally, I did.  My tenant had been a regular on-time payor andContinue reading “Regular Customers Are Our Geese That Lay Our Golden Eggs”