I Hate It When People Rush Me

I don’t play golf.

It’s not only because I’m a lousy player (although that has a lot to do with it).  It’s also because I hate it when people rush me at the golf course.

When I used to play golf, the caddies would tell me to hurry up because there were other players who were following one hole behind me.  The caddies would rush me even more if some VIP general or rich person was playing just behind me and the caddies wanted that person to pass. (In the Philippines, VIPs—so-called very important people—are usually high-ranking military officers, politicians, business executives, and large landowners who assert themselves as such. Caddies also get big tips from these VIPs, hence why they get so much priority on the golf courses). 

Golf is a sport that requires pacing, not rushing.  Caddies, however, would still rush me and even get mad if I don’t hurry up.  I gave up golf as soon as I could.

Rushing to get something done or to go anywhere spoils the pace of productivity. Haste makes waste, as the adage goes, and when we rush things, quality and efficiency suffer.

It’s already bad enough when clients don’t pay vendors and contractors what are owed the latter by a certain date.  Executives would rush subordinates to get something done even if they themselves are slow in settling past dues with the people they owe. 

Haste makes waste.  Rushing has no benefit.

It’s not a good idea to rush.  It’s better to pace; it’s more productive.

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