What Have We Learned About Adversity vis-à-vis COVID19?

COVID19 is the latest and worst adversity to global economies in recent memory.  Despite the early warnings in late 2019, enterprises around the world were caught off guard.  Executives could only watch helplessly as borders closed and governments enforced lock-downs that shut many businesses down worldwide.              Despite all our talents, experiences, and knowledge, weContinue reading “What Have We Learned About Adversity vis-à-vis COVID19?”

Admitting Not Knowing What to Do Is The First Step to Problem-Solving

At the height of the Second World War, Great Britain was on the brink of defeat.  The Nazis had conquered the European mainland.  German U-boat submarines were sinking merchant ships from America, constricting critical supplies to the United Kingdom.  The German Air Force, the Luftwaffe, was bombing London and other British cities at will, inflictingContinue reading “Admitting Not Knowing What to Do Is The First Step to Problem-Solving”