About Ellery’s Essays

Hi, I’m Ellery. I’m a supply chain engineer and an administrator.  I write essays that promote productivity and Aha moments.    

I’ve been immersed in supply chains since 1984.  I’ve worked with plenty of people in manufacturing, logistics, purchasing, engineering, and planning.  It’s a broad field where many do overtime anonymously and where there’s room for improvement when it comes to productivity.   

I’ve been a full-time property administrator since 1997.  I manage properties like warehouses and offices which not only has kept me in touch with supply chains but also has introduced me to professionals from other walks of life.  And I can tell you there are plenty of professionals in the property administration business who toil anonymously with overtime and who could use a little help in uplifting productivity in their workplaces. 

I co-wrote a book, Speed Kills, with the esteemed supply chain advisor and speaker, Jovy J. Jader and from that pivotal point of becoming a writer, I’ve gone on to write blogs then essays. Formerly titled Overtimers Anonymous, my blogs-turned-essays evolved from everyday issues in supply chain operations management to Aha’s, insights from everyday experiences.  

We all have Aha’s and as I promote productivity wherever I am, I hope to also demonstrate that we can convert some of our fleeting thoughts into ideas, no matter how seemingly insignificant, into inventions of significant benefit.  

If you want to pick my brains for information and ideas, please feel free to contact me (ellery_l@yahoo.com) or drop me a text at +639178353546. I’m also on LinkedIn , Viber, Twitter, and Facebook

Ellery S. Lim

Published by Ellery

Since I started blogging in 2019, I've written personal insights about supply chains, operations management, & industrial engineering. I have also delved in topics that cover how we deal with people, property, and service providers. My mission is to boost productivity via offering solutions and ideas. If you like what I write or disagree with what I say, feel free to like, dislike, comment, or if you have a lengthy discourse, email me at ellery_l@yahoo.com ; I'm also on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ellery-samuel-lim-40b528b

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