Twenty-Five Questions We May Find Ourselves Asking Everyday

Some of us ask very profound questions when we go to bed at night or wake up in the morning:

“Why are we here?”

“Where are we going?”

“What happens when we die?”

For many who work long hours and experience the daily adventures of hand-to-mouth jobs, however, these questions are quickly overtaken by more mundane ones. 

The following are twenty-five (25) sample seemingly trivial questions we may find ourselves asking as we go through our daily lives:

  1. Why does it take so long for the traffic light to change?
  2. Why does the traffic enforcer make me and a hundred drivers wait as long as twenty (20) minutes at an intersection?
  3. Why does my mobile phone conversation keep disconnecting?
  4. Why does it take up to five (5) times to redial and connect a mobile phone call?
  5. Why do some fast-food restaurants reject my credit card while the drug store down the street accepts it? 
  6. Why doesn’t the brand-name wrist-watch store have on stock the brand-name wrist-watch strap to replace the one for my brand-name wrist-watch?
  7. Why does it take months for the big hardware store to replace the light bulb I bought but which stopped working after a few days? 
  8. Why do many new bridges only have two (2) lanes, one for each way? 
  9. Why ban trucks on roads at certain hours of the day?
  10. Why do traffic cops target and stop trucks for alleged violations all the time? 
  11. Why put speed bumps (we call them humps) on newly-cemented smooth roads?
  12. Why do some cars not stop when there’s a red traffic light?
  13. Why does the water company dig holes and trenches on newly-built roads?
  14. Why does the power company require so much paperwork and time to change the meter of a house?
  15. Why are there so many fires every March, which every year is fire-prevention month?
  16. How come there’s always an elevator that’s not working?
  17. Why are there never enough parking spaces to park my car at the convenience store or at the bank?
  18. Are Manila’s streets for cars or for basketball courts?
  19. Why do we have to pay the city’s tax-paid garbage truck to haul our trash?
  20. Why do I have to renew my business’s environmental permit when I already have a city hall mayor’s permit?
  21. Why do I have to submit a hundred pages of tax forms when I already had filed it electronically through the tax agency’s website?
  22. Why does the power company give me only a week to pay my electric bill before they threaten disconnection?
  23. Why is the bank’s 24/7 ATM always off-line?
  24. Is it me or is the bread I buy getting smaller?
  25. Why is fish so expensive in a country surrounded by water?

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