The Reality of Work

It is a new year.

Many people will have new resolutions filled with hope and optimism.

For another many, however, the new year will just be a beginning of a new cycle. 

For accountants, the new year means the renewal of business permits and the filing of annual taxes.  Especially for accountants in the Philippines, it means weeks of hard paperwork, thanks to complicated tax laws. 

Property managers will be preparing for annual inspections.  Construction managers will be preparing to start new projects.  Information Technology (IT) managers will be setting up new systems.  HR managers will be preparing new training and payroll programs. Marketing managers will be starting to work on their advertising budgets. 

Most of what managers will do would have been planned at least in the previous year.  Resolutions would be effective only for personal lifestyles.  Middle managers would be at the mercy of what their bosses want. 

Many executives who reveled during the holidays will be coming back to their business suits ready to bark their optimistic resolutions to the middle managers.  Some executives would aggressively and unemphatically demand everyone’s weight of work for the new business cycle.

This is the reality of work.  There’s no new year, just a new cycle. 

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